Automotive Supply Chain

Car production lines usually run like clockwork but inevitably encounter their own supply chain break down issues. Hunt & Palmer are always on standby to react twenty four hours a day to short notice emergencies to avoid costly downtime.

Whether it be a small package that has missed its overnight courier or an entire warehouse backlog, we will analyse each request individually and with the attention it deserves. Our experts constantly monitor aircraft location data which enables rapid responses to provide the most timely and cost effective solution.

Separately Hunt & Palmer are able to offer additional transport solutions via our global network of partners to provide onboard couriers or dedicated trucking services.

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Automotive (Industry Solutions)

It’s our long-standing experience of assisting automotive brands that makes the difference.

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Our Cargo Sales Agents


Yoshi (Yoshihiro) Nagano
c/o Cargo Specialists Inc
+81 (0) 42 495 2525


David Williams
c/o Wexco
+61 2 9317 5888

China & Hong Kong

Windy Liu
c/o Galaxy Air Cargo Service
+86 139 1714 9756



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