Air charter group launches 'Volcano Express'

Private Charter prepares for booking eruption once UK airspace re-opens.

With no flights now able to enter UK airspace until at least X, private charter companies are preparing for a surge in post-restriction bookings as premium and corporate travellers seek to resume their travel plans.

As the UK reaches the end of its second day as a no-fly zone, scheduled carriers rolling over their bookings will be faced with little to no capacity in the premium cabins once airspace re-opens, particularly to key European business hubs and the USA, whilst economy cabins are set to be overwhelmed with stranded leisure passengers.

Hunt&Palmer PLC, the specialist aircraft charter and travel company, is preparing for every eventuality with charter options on standby throughout the UK for domestic and international travel. For those seeking long-haul travel solutions, charters to alternative European hubs combined with onward scheduled travel organised by their in-house IATA Travel Agency will be available.

Hunt&Palmer PLC is also planning a number of dedicated ‘Volcano Express’ large charter services to key destinations, which will be available for individual passenger bookings.

Their international VIP car service is also on-hold for a surge in requests for transfers to secondary and business airports, where post ash cloud congestion is less likely to be an issue than at the UK’s major hubs.

Jamie Martin, Director Hunt&Palmer PLC said “This unprecedented situation requires flexibility and “out of the box thinking” to provide an innovative solution for corporate and leisure travellers and by combining our International Aircraft Charter capabilities with our scheduled service travel abilities we think we can provide the fastest possible travel solution to the UK market when the airspace opens.”

Posted on Friday 16th April 2010

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